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Candice Greyson

Of course, as always, you seem to be the odd one out. Everybody starts responding after you and Vinnie. Apparently you're a ghost. Nobody seems to pay any mind to you. Then again, you don't like the attention, so you just roll with it. Wait...what was that?

Parking out of your home was your dad's car. You didn't know he was coming early today! This was a surprise, especially since this meant you wont be able to be on the computer for much longer. Hopefully you come up with an excuse to let yourself free for the day. He knows you have no homework to complete or project, so that would be useless.

Before you get up, you get a response from Vinnie himself. At least somebody payed attention to your short response. You were hoping for Vieve to see it, since she and you were closer than the guys, but maybe being with Vinnie will something make the fun much more fun to play.

VV: Vieve, Ricardo, Candice. You guys will not believe the email I have recieved. Its says I have to install a program on my computer, and that one of you has to install the other file. They said all of you recieved a similar email. It looks like a game, considering the files are "Client" and "Server." Anyone interested?
...PS: Vieve, I can't see you right now, but I bet you look cute ;D

AM: I take client, if that helps any.
VG: We should name ourself something cool. I'm getting tired of calling us, "The Group". What do you think?
AM: Same here.

Vinnie Valentine [VV] began pestering archaicMiracle [AM]

VV: Heyy girll!
VV: You install client, okay?
VV: Imma do server...I like to be on top
VV: If you know what I mean ;)
VV: ....
VV: Okay, forget I said that, that was lame.
VV: Hello?

AM: Don't sweat it
AM: I already am installing client, so we can start soon

archaicMiracle [AM] seized pestering Vinnie Valentine [VV]

Along the years, you managed to get over his dirty comments. Besides, you were the same way. People always mistake you as shy thanks to your little comments, so maybe it's the same with Vinnie? You might as well pester the others. It's been a while since you even talked to Ricardo or Vieve. You expect a cold welcome from Ricardo, as always, but at least Vieve will hopefully welcome you with open arms.

archaicMiracle [AM] began pestering Ricardo Nieto [RN]

AM: Hey, long time no talk
AM: Just came to stop by
AM: Drat, that sounded like a rhyme for some reason

archaicMiracle [AM] seized pestering Ricardo Nieto [RN]

Well that went horrible. Can't you type normal like you always do to Vieve or Vinnie? You always wondered why that was the case with Ricardo, but you never bothered to stop and think about it. Sometimes it's best never to dwell too deep into it, or else you get stuck with some weird feeling or doubts. She's been down that rode, and doesn't want to go there again. Besides, Vieve is your closest friend, now it's her turn.

archaicMiracle [AM] began pestering Vieve Gostle [VG]

AM: Hello there
AM: Hope you don't me dropping in

You always wondered why you picked this color in the first place. It was hard to read sometimes, compared to the others who had dark colors. Sometimes you even wonder where the pesterchum username even came from. Old miracle seemed good at the time, and you didn't bother changing it at all. Sometimes you wonder if it's possible people even pay attention to usernames. Wait, why are you paying attention? Too much thinking.

Your dad awaits for you at the entrance of the house. As much as you hated getting off your room, you respected him a lot. He was the only family you had. With this thought in mind, you stood up and managed to get out into the kitchen before you dad locks himself in his room. "This...was pointless," you mutter. Ever since you turned 14, his time with you decreased, and you two barely had any time together. You envied your friends, who seem to have much more interaction with others than you do. Sometimes you wonder if your friends even care about you at all. They probably don't even know how negative you are inside your head, but it doesn't matter anymore, does it?

Walking back into your room, you notice that you've been pestered back. This relieves you, making you a bit happy on the inside.