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Creed Reese
Salvation and Turnabout

Creed brought his eyes down from the sky and was shocked at the crowd forming around him. He didn't think this many adults would appear, especially since he's only one child. Granted, he couldn't actually see them (given that he's blind), but he wasn't actually paying attention to their presence in the previous moments. Suddenly he heard a slightly low-pitched yell, though it was still loud enough to agitate his sensitive ears. Then, footsteps. Very fast moving footsteps coming towards his direction. He put himself in a defensive position, but he was unable to stop himself from getting kicked directly in the sternum. He was knocked off of his feet and landed on the ground directly on his back; a foot promptly placed on the exact spot where he was just kicked. "What the..." he said, trying to grasp exactly what was going on.

What happened after that, Creed himself understood even less. A barrage of blood-curdling screams were heard, prompting him to grab his ears and covering them tightly. Afterwards, the pain-staking yelps started to move further and further away from him, the adults were running. Then the foot was removed from his character.

"Hey... You look a little strong to be being rescued from them, don't you think?" He heard a voice say, young, around Mako's age, and definitely female.

Scary, this girl's got power, and lots of it. Heck, she could probably kill me if she wanted to. Creed smiled a devious smile. "You jest, but in the face of that many adults, even a seasoned pokewielder can become like a frightened Mareep." He said as wiped the dirt off of his attire. "Though I must thank you, if you hadn't come I probably would have died." He moved to a nearby rock and sat down, placing his right foot sideways above his left knee. "So, do my two knights in shining armor have names?"
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