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    Originally Posted by Mr. Mammoth View Post
    Heyheyhey! I'm back after a (short?) while of being gone and stuff! So let me dive right in by pointing out a small, minor thing in the MH discussion. In Monster Hunter Tri, which is the only one I've played, there is actually a plot about a giant monster terrorizing everything that lives remotely close to the sea and you have to slay it. But before that you need to gain experience as a hunter and all that good stuff. So, just to clarify (or something): Monster Hunter does have a plot. At least Tri has one, I've never played Freedom Unite so I wouldn't know about that one.

    That aside, has anyone ever attempted to do an Fullmetal Alchemist-RP here? And would anybody be interested in it?
    There ya go, valid plot.

    I can't say the same for MH: Freedom Unite though. You're basically just attacked by a Tigrex and knocked all the way off of Snowy Mountains, and you're healed and given a place to stay in the town. Your reason for questing is that you need to "rebuild your strength" or some nonsense, twined together with the whole "Old Hunter left, you showed up. New Hunter, no complaints. Hokai!?"

    I'm sure there's been dozens of FMA RPs, it's fairly popular and would make a good Roleplay. Did you have something in mind?