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The starter pokemon have been changed.(see first post) It's still not a realistic party to beat the elite 4 with, but it's a bit more believable in my opinion. I need to do something about combusken though because while swampert and sceptile learn muddy water and leafblade(respectively), combusken appears to be too high level and has passed up blaze kick. I could fix that i suppose. (forgot what the program is called to do that >.<)

@sarcastic prince
you've brought up an excellent point. Up to this point, the protagonist is a silent character. I have an idea in mind in which you aren't playing as the protagonist for a quick second, which would open up the door for him/her to talk. I have no clue if I'll be able to script that though. We'll find out.

I'll see what other colors I can use besides yellow.

Also, if you don't choose the boy, Rui will start to flirt with Wally just sayin.

Also, to anyone who thinks the sewer is a graphical mess, you'll be happy to know it's huge. How would you like to get lost in it? I don't think there are any better tiles in the game to use, so I might have to look into custom tiles. It's something I've never done before.
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