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Originally Posted by 徳清アキオ View Post
There ya go, valid plot.

I can't say the same for MH: Freedom Unite though. You're basically just attacked by a Tigrex and knocked all the way off of Snowy Mountains, and you're healed and given a place to stay in the town. Your reason for questing is that you need to "rebuild your strength" or some nonsense, twined together with the whole "Old Hunter left, you showed up. New Hunter, no complaints. Hokai!?"

I'm sure there's been dozens of FMA RPs, it's fairly popular and would make a good Roleplay. Did you have something in mind?
Though still, I am interested in how combat would work, the way you described it it tries to introduce the features and mechanics of MH in a sort of Table Top RPG fashion, but it seems like the game would require a lot of moderation in the combat aspects.
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