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    Originally Posted by RubyJB88 View Post

    I think the writers don't want us to think too deeply on the past as it doesn't quite exist according to Ash's current nature.
    Okay, I would accept this...only they mentioned Brock (with a visual flashback nonetheless) not once...but TWICE within the new series. Both by Dawn (any Lightrockshippers out there? no? XDDD)

    So even though Brock isn't really that relevant to Ash's current state right now (though he might as well have been his surrogate mother), he's still remembered.

    I guess they don't want to remind us that back in the day, Ash had a boyfriend a rival who was actually strong, and he himself was competent as well (unlike in BW when he's making all these n00bie mistakes...)

    SIGH. Sorry, I just really miss Paul XDDD

    Originally Posted by Tachibana Azumi View Post
    Well, their rivalry is resolved with them being friends (I still can never understand how they can ever be friends after all that, darn you anime writers), so Cynthia might feel that there was no need to mention him again? Idk that sounds really lame

    I really like how their rivalry ended like that, but it's obvious that there was no clear answer who was the stronger trainer after that (because if you think about it, that referee was gonna call it quits for Infernape if it wasn't for the fact that PAUL STOPPED HIM...something that he wouldn't have done in the beginning of the series when he played completely fair by the referee's calls omg bless him and his character development ;_;).

    So...I'd like to think that they aren't really close buddy-buddies, but if they ever meet again, they'll go back to their rivalry ways ^_^

    Unless Paul calls him out for losing to a newbie's snivy...


    Either that or the director that worshipped Paul is gone, so Cynthia isn't ever going to mention him or Comashipping.

    I actually want it that way no matter what, if Cynthia even mentions anything about Paul I am so done with this anime xD
    LOL omg I think ALL the writers/directors worshiped him though because he turned out to be such a quality character??? X'D

    I think that Cynthia keeps a journal full of Comashipping fanfiction and posts sketches up on deviantart. Maybe she'll hire Trip to shoot a photo-session with the one day XDDD ("'s for promotional league put your arm around him like that, yes Shinji-kun >:D").

    *flails around*

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