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    Normal - Ambipom (never been keen on monkeys)
    Fire - Chimcar (didn't like him in the anime)
    Fighting - Meditite (seen too many of them now)
    Water - Quagsire (cause of Bertha and constant use of double team lol)
    Flying - Pelipper (I just get scared that I you could prob fit a person in its beak lol)
    Grass - Lombre (not keen on the design)
    Poison - Tentacool (surfing experiences without repels lol)
    Electric - Electivire (Electabuzz is great but unneccessary evolution imo)
    Ground - Claydol (Tate & Liza. That is all lol)
    Psychic - Musharna (not keen on what it looks like)
    Rock - Probopass (similar reason to Electivire)
    Ice - Cubchoo (the thing coming out of its
    Bug - Forretress (in one of the games I remember having trouble taking it down)
    Dragon - Dragonite (I just think Dragonair's so much cooler lol)
    Ghost - Jellicent (not keen on its design, the top seems a bit too big)
    Dark - Sableye (just freaks me out lol)
    Steel - Magnezone (same as for Electric and Rock)