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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    It isn't just because the money or we want fame, Spirit - it's all a work of passion for the game. We aren't here for the money - if we were, we would be in colleges, learning to design a Triple-A game for Sony or EA. No, we're here to show how much we love Pokémon. It's just as fandom-y as Pokémon Clubs (or even Pokémon Trivia) is here.
    I think this may sum it up: it's all for the fun. If you expect to earn some bucks out of your games, then don't bother doing a Pokémon game unless you're quite the guy and figure out a way to come around Nintendo's intellectual property. It's for the sake of the art and for the fun we do things, and that's how it should be. Creating a game is hard, it's not for those who do not enjoy what they're doing. And creating an engine is even harder.

    I am currently creating myself a Java-based Pokémon game. All from scratch. I personally do this because of the fun. I get to know my game from deep inside, and this is something an out-of-the-shelf engine wouldn't necessarily allow you to do. I get to add all these things I've always wanted to see in the Pokémon games. And I get to know the how. For me, this is all I expect in return.

    It could be easier for all if, as FL . stated, groups joined to create larger things. The team who made the Pokémon games consists on many, many people, be them artists, composers, programmers, and else. You can see this in the credits (somehow...). What could be useful for these purpose is to promote even more these kind of teams as well. But, this is getting out of topic...

    Is it a good idea to create a Pokémon game from the ground up? Yes, only if you are willing to. If your only purpose is money, then find yourself a better idea to work on, 'cause a Pokémon game isn't for you.