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Part 3: First Stop! Fuchsia City!

Day 2: Morning-Evening
July 20th - July 30th

"Have you slept at all?" Carla asked suddenly, breaking the silence which had lasted the last twenty minutes. The Captain looked a state, bags under his eyes big enough to store the array of empty coffee mugs around him; he only moaned in response.

Lightly punching the back of his chair, Carla pumped up the volume, "Maybe someone is a bit hungover? It was you who suggested the bucket-loads of wine that arrived yesterday, right?" She asked playfully, raising an eyebrow.

"Would you please just leave me be...?" He groaned, not in the mood to put up with the energetic girl, especially so early in the morning. "Go prepare the ship for docking or something, we'll be there soon. Have Angie come up too, I think my seasickness pills are wearing off."

The hostess rolled her eyes, definitely hungover then, "Of course!" She chirped, backing out of the cabin and back out in to the corridors. The ship was mostly empty, 7am wasn't prime time for pokémon trainers it seemed, and so she didn't hesitate to skip her way through the hallways, making her way below deck - swiping her keycard on the elevator panel and waiting for the lift to arrive.

Carla loved this time of day, sun in the sky but quiet as night. Through a far-off porthole she spotted the sea glistening in the sunrise, perfect. With a gentle ding the lift arrived, breaking Carla away from the view, she jumped in, tapping the B1 button on the side. However, just as the door was about to close shut another employee ran in.

"Oh, Jameson!" She said, welcoming him in. The first day at sea had been so busy, it was no surprised the battlebots needed some checking and adjustments.

Blushing, he replied, "Oh, hey C-... Miss Raines. Didn't expect to see you up so early." There was a slight twang of accusation in his tone, but Carla blew it off as early morning temper - after all, she had taken much worse from Captain Rogers.

"There's just so much to do!" Tapping his shoulder, she smiled at the blue-haired boy. He was a few years younger than her, and apparently a budding trainer, but already a few inches taller than her. She couldn't help but think he looked just like a cute little anime character, especially with his odd hair. "Apparently we're about to dock, make sure you and your friends have fun in Fuchsia will you! I'm so sad I have to stay here, but Ratty-Rogers won't have me going far."

Jameson laughed, Ratty-Rogers was a nickname he had come up with after first meeting the antisocial captain. "I'll get you something cool," he offered, anything to win brownie points with his attractive boss.

"Oh! Ohhh! You star!" She said, leaping forward - however, she was startled by the sudden stopping of the elevator. The hug became more of a flounce, the pair laughing as Jameson helped the poor hostess up and out into the basement floor.

The overhead speakers rang, echoing around the empty staff-corridors.

"Ready for docking, ready for docking," Sean Rogers repeated, the basement floor hastily becoming a flurry of activity as everyone readied themselves to dock at Fuchsia City, the first stop on the S.S. Anne's cruise.


Ding ding! It's morning and the ship has arrived at Fuchsia City, congratulations on making it this far! The ship has docked, and you have a number of choices of what you do around the City. You must do at least one activity, but you can do more if you want. There are also optional things to do onboard.
  • Go to the Fuchsia Gym, and challenge the leader for a Badge!
  • Visit the Safari Zone - Where a Pokémon catching contest is taking place!
  • Visit the City Zoo!

Note: You do not need to mention your character going to sleep, but you should write them waking up - this is not a continuation of the previous event.

On Board

Breakfast in the food isle is ready! Carla and Angie will be waiting on board, so you may interact with them if you like. You need not return to the ship to heal though, there is a Pokémon Center in town, so Angie should be free to battle (her party is detailed in the first post). You may also use the battle arenas or take up the trade offer - which is a first come, first serve offer!

There are no wild Pokémon available on the deck anymore, the dock is a PokéFree zone. If you would like to catch a new Pokémon you should probably head to the Safari Zone.


New Pokémon wanted! Willing to trade a super* well trained Rattata. I'll be waiting in the trade room.
- Joey
*Rattata comes at level 25, no matter what you trade for it.

Fuchsia City

There is are many features in this city, like many others Fuchsia is home to a Pokémon Center - where you can heal any damage you suffer whilst exploring town, rather than having to run all the way back to Nurse Angie. The other feature locations are listed below.

Fuchsia City Gym:

The Gym is open for anyone who would like to challenge it, it is up to you whether you win or lose the battle. If you win then you will receive the Soul Badge - but win or lose I will reward you with a TM, assuming your battle was good and detailed!

You may pick to battle either Gym Leader:

* * *

Safari Zone:

In the Safari Zone you can catch a lot of exotic Kanto (and some foreign) Pokémon! There is a competition running, awarded to the person which manages to catch one of the any of the monsters in the area. The rarer it is, the greater the prize - They even give you 3 free Safari-balls to use whilst you're there!

However, there is a catch - there is only one of each 'rare/very rare' monster listed, and if the catch fails the Pokémon will run away from all players. Similarly, if someone catches that Pokémon then no other player may find one.

Here is the list of those available (hover for rarity):

: Caught by Sarah.
: Escaped from Eve.
: Caught by Giselle.
: Caught by Eve.
Remember to end your post as you throw the Pokéball, and allow me to specify the outcome (and the subsequent details of the Pokémon). These Pokémon may know any normal moves that they would have learnt up to, and including, lv. 35.

Rarity affects the likelyhood of capture. For example, a 'common' Pokémon has a 5/6 chance of capture, whilst a 'very rare' Pokémon has a 2/6 capture rate. Hover over the above sprites to find out their rarity, which increases from top to bottom, left to right.

* * *

Fuchsia City Zoo:

The Fuchsia Zoo may be the perfect place if you would prefer to interact with your Pokémon, or other characters, rather than battle or catch new Pokémon. There is still the chance for item bonuses, if I feel you've posted something unique - crazy zoo antics! ;D

There are numerous Pokémon here, native to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova, each enclosure features an environment - such as Forest - with a collection of relevent Pokémon inside. I'll let you use your imagination as to what you can see. Strictly no entering the inclosures!