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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name:
Team ToR
Team Leader: Oldbarrel
Current Members:
Oldbarrel- Founder, Mapper, Eventer, Editer, Minor Spriting
Zusuriki- Fakemon Artist
Akuma-Tsubasa- Trainer sprites, minor fakemon sprites
Pkmn.Master- Mapping, Title/Battle graphics
Littlered- Mapping
Typhlosion04- Fakemon ideas/dex entries
Current Game title: Pokemon Time of Rebellion
Current progress made: Already have about 30 maps done, story is done, plot is pretty much done. Have almost all of the starter pokemon, waiting on the last one. Battle and title graphics are done. Hero sprites are done, and 6/8 gym leader sprites are done. Still lots of work to do though.
Position(s) needed: Pixel art (Tiles, Sprites, Overworlds, ect.), Mapping, Scripting (REALLY NEED), Composing
Timezone: Any will do. I find it easier when I can go to sleep and wake up to find some work done. Its good to have people in different timezones. That way things are always being worked on.
Preferred Method of contact: Private message on here, or we have our own chat for team members only.
Link to your active PC thread:
Additional info: Need as much help as possible!
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