Thread: B2/W2: B2W2 Time Discrepancy
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    Hi ya....Enough arguing please.

    Lornami, you cannot vouch for the Point of View for a company. You have your personal feeling for why they did what they did. We cannot say for certain why they did it.

    Could they have made new sprites? Yes, look at the Hoenn ones. Did they? No. Why? We don't know.

    Is it because they simply did not want? I can't say because I don't work for them. They could have done it cause its not that far after? Maybe because they simply didn't have to as the others could be at their peak aging like I had said before.

    Keep in mind that not everyone knows Misty with the Ponytail especially those with the games because the Anime isn't done by Gamefreak. She didn't have a big picture for the VS screen in FR/LG. Iconic view is based on views of the fans. Some like Gen 2's Misty, some like Gen 1's Misty.