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    Sarah Reyes

    Sarah yawned as she awoke from her beauty sleep and smiled as she looked around. Blaze was sound asleep in the the other bunk on the lower bed like her. Right above him snored Tim as the Hitmonchan drooled a bit on his pillow. The newly caught Yipper slumbered right above her, the Primeape every so often muttering in his sleep. Sarah smiled and got up silently and smiled as Blaze cracked open an eye. She put a finger to his lips as she silently made it to the bathroom and closed it. She had already set out everything she had needed last night so she got set to putting on her make up and readying her hair for the day. They would be arriving in Fuschia City today so she had already planned out a schedule. She would take a tour of the zoo. She didn't really see any reason to go to the Safari Zone. There were no fighting type pokemon there, and she wanted to be an expert with fighting types! Just like Maylene!

    She giggled as she finished and stepped out. Blaze was already up and leaning next to the door. Yipper and Tim were still asleep so Sarah happily returned them to their pokeballs. Blaze followed after her as she stepped out with her purse and soon arrived on deck. "Okay! Time to get breakfast!" She said as she made her way to the cafeteria and grabbed some eggs and biscuits with Blaze grabbing most of the same items and sitting down next to her. She eagerly dug in and pulled out her schedule for the day. "Alright, so what we should do is head out and go to the fabulous zoo they have here! All kinds of species are here and there will be lots of pokemon I can take pictures of and show Stuart later!"

    Blaze just nodded silently as he glanced around and squirmed a bit. Sarah smiled, "Well, been some time since you battled.... I guess after we're done with the zoo we can come back and get you in some practice, alright?" The Blaziken smirked and nodded in reply. Sarah smirked, "I know my pokemon well! Now, once we get off I'll need to put you back in your pokeball, won't be for long. I'll let you out when we get to zoo, okay?" The Blaziken let out a loud sigh and nodded. Sarah giggled, "Well, it will only be for a while, then you can battle for the rest of the day!"