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    Black was my first pokemon game (my parents didn't want me to know that pokemon existed) so I didn't have any real expectations so I like most of the designs, but my favorite are:
    Serperior- It's my first pokemon ever and despite most my friends saying that you should get rid of starters thay all say that I should keep mine because it beasts.
    Gigalith- It's was my first shiny and there is a funny story that goes along with it: I was in my algebra 2 class trying to get through victory road when a blue boldore appears. I lean over to my pokemon mentor (remember it was my first pokemon game. I was clueless) and say"Why is this boldore blue?". He starts flipping out saying "what the crap! Let me see!... No way it's a shiny!" I ask him whats a shiny and he explains how there is like a 1/800,000 chance in encountering one. He then proceeds to go around to everyone of his pokemon friends eachone giving oohs and awws while I'm just sitting there clueless to whats happening. Sorry for the long story, but I just never seen anyone flip out for one pokemon before.
    Haxorus- I think it looks cool and it completely owns.
    Now for the ones that I don't care for.
    Gothitelle- It looks too human and just plain wierd.
    Amoongus- Why does it have the pokeball on its head?
    Simipour- It's just...creepy.
    So those are my favorite and least favorite.
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