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    Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
    Does anyone else realize that there are two versions of the Kanto and Sinnoh champion themes in the data? One from BW, one new for BW2. Also, the GBAtemp guys still need to tag a few tracks.
    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    Both Sinnoh tracks play ingame. I still have no idea what do people say when they talk about the Kanto theme being in BW, I don't see it.

    Anyway, every last battle theme. I'm past Gym Leader 6 and it's amazing- listening to the soundtrack makes me want to be a real trainer.
    I heard about the Kanto Champion BW playing somewhere in the Battle Subway, but I'm not able to confirm whether it's just tucked away in the code or it actually plays once certain requirements/conditions have been met... :<

    Anyway, for all of you B2W2 music lovers, apparently, the soundtrack to the game(s) is being released in Japan on July 25th, 2012 as a four-disc set, including music from Black/White Versions, as well as Emerald Version and Platinum Version. I'm guessing Emerald will include the music of the Battle Frontier facility interiors as well as the Battle Pyramid peak music and the music that plays when Rayquaza descends in the midst of Groudon and Kyogre's battle in Sootopolis City. Platinum will probably include Giratina's new battle theme and Battle Frontier music, I'm guessing..

    More on-topic, I'm going to wait until I actually get Black 2 or White 2 to listen to its music, but all of the raving remarks and reviews in this thread make me even more excited in anticipation of listening to these tracks. :cer_boogie:

    ..And I'm wondering how Homika's theme will get localized as well, since it contains "lyrics", apparently. XD

    Originally Posted by Kanto_Johto View Post
    You mean.....


    .....this one?

    I think it's fantastic! They haven't taken away from the original and it generally speaking sounds pretty cool.

    I can imagine those who are dying for RSE remakes are incredibly excited now.
    EDIT: OMG RUSTBORO CITY'S THEME MUSIC IS IN B2W2, TOO?! 0_0 *faints in anticipation of RSE remakes*
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