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Recruiting a Team Member
Team name: ProjectMelanite
Team Leader:Rayd12smitty
Current Members:Rayd12smitty, ThePancakeEskimo(Not a member of this site)
Current Game titleokemon Melanite Version
Current progress madetory plot written, entire game and post game planned out, about 10 maps made, many graphics gathered, intro completed, Story playable through receiving starter, following pokemon added, many new public script features added
Position(s) needed:MAINLY NEEDED: Spriter: for over worlds and character sprites, NOT NEEDED, BUT WANTED: Scripter with at least moderate experience, no expert needed, just someone who knows how to edit scripts, and maybe make menu changes and such
Timezone:Any is fine. I am in Central
Preferred Method of contactM on PokeCommunity
Forum on PokeCommunity:
A few screenshots and maps:

Hometown: Lily Town

A map for the Post-Elite four I made when I was bored. It is an underwater city: Ruïn

Picking a starter scene. The pokemon start in poke balls and pop out so you can see them

Following pokemon works! This is inside the first gym which is normal type, and led by none other than Joey and his amazing Rattata
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