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    Originally Posted by ROBO-BOY View Post
    I loved this game, even became CHAMPION OF KANTO AND BEAT THE ELITE 4 AND THEIR CHAMPION!!! (Thankyou early Pidgeot)

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I love it and if for the next beta all the evolutions will be Events, because I never saw most of the first series and I don't know when to evolve them.

    P.S Can someone post a link to where I can WATCH the first series, WATCH, not DOWNLOAD!!!
    For the part about evolving,it sounds like a command,yet is a good idea.Only problem with that is,how complicated it would be with a ROM that is already this packed.For the part about watching(not downloading) the series,youtube is your best bet.If youtube doesnt have it,google it.
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