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Mark took the piece of paper with her Pokegear number and immediately started to input it into his own Pokegear. Well he had another friend to keep in good contact with. Wonderful. Mark stood along with the other two Suicuner's. For a second, he was a bit jealous that they got this kind of treatment. Something so fancy and all. It certainly didn't encourage equality. Infact, if Mark didn't have a cool mind about it, He'd almost be jealious that his old friend made it into such an upper class dorm, and he wasn't satisfied with his last battle either. He didn't even consider it a proper victory, so he still wasn't satisfied. The next time he battled though, he'd be fully prepared with a great strategy to boot.

He had some serious thinking to do tommorow, heck he'd probobly give the TM store another look. He could also rely on the internet or something along those lines for advise. Commodore had Trick Room, now was a matter of making it more effective overall.

Since the others were busy checking in, Mark took some time to message a friend of his. He decided to send a message to Valorie, since he's wanted to talk to her for awhile after all. He input the message into his Pokegear...

Hey Val! Its Mark! How are thing with you? Holding up alright?

...and sent it over to her. He hoped to possibly arrange a time to hang out with her. Its been awhile and all. What he seriously wanted to do was train with her. Deep down Mark truely admired Valorie and mostly wanted to be able to go toe to toe with her. He had a feeling she was one of the strongest students in the school so to be able to out match her would be a huge achievement.

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