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    I played through the demo and liked the game so far. I really don't know how to describe it other than it's a good hack for starting out. There are quite many things that need fixing but it's understandable as this is the first hack you're creating. But it's actually a very good one if you ask me.

    Anyway, I checked that you're trying to load the wild pokemon data for Route 1 under Kanto's wild pokemon data (original Route 27 to be exact). I'm not sure but I believe, it may be the problem you're having because it would be meaningless to have two wild (grass) pokemon tables if they weren't looked in different kinds of situations. Move the wild pokemon data, of Route 1, under the table that Johto uses and see if it works that way.

    Other minor oddities:
    -A person inside Littlepond's mart mentioned BALLS as NALLS.
    -In Littlepond when facing your rival, she disappears before the script ends instead of walking off screen.
    -Pikachu in Red's house doesn't have a cry. A little bit of adjustments to its script wouldn't hurt (4C xx yy 83 19 00 53 49 90).
    -Scientist in Prof. Oak's lab walks away (with no good reason, I think?) during the script (I know, you're using the existing event that is launched going inside Mr. Pokemon's house but still, it could be worked on).
    -The ones blocking Route 3 could be made to act so that they would first face you, and say whatever they need say, and then face back towards the direction they were facing before.
    -In Junction Park, there is a leftover text-script that can be read by talking to a tree, same with Russet Town (I actually noticed these when I was taking a look at the maps so that I could see what map Route 1 was based on and started doing some bug-hunting while at it).
    The trainer you face is determined by its script. If you look under "Event structure" in Tauwasser's Scripting Compendium, you'll see how you can work them out (pointing to the fact there are wrong types of trainers in the gyms).

    Yet this hack has potential to go far if you keep practising and improving it. Of course if you don't feel like spending that much time with this one, you can always start another hack if you don't want to stop the "rom hacking business".
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