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Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post
Okay, I will confess and say I have downloaded files illegally in the past, but nowadays I don't download illegally. It certainly is stealing and it's subtracting money from the person who worked hard to publish their file (like a song, for example) and request it'd be obtained via a payment, but then it's going all around P2P networks not costing the downloaders anything.

As for the Megaupload taking down, I think that was a bit wrong. There were those who have uploaded non-pirated files on Megaupload just as a simple cloud solution for file sharing, but because of the DMCA copyright violations on the site, the whole thing had to get taken down. And for TPB, I don't use that site. For one, I'm not a torrent downloader and because The Pirate Bay is actually known for its copyright violations, hence why many ISPs are blocking them.
I think you're a bit oversimplifying. There are three kinds of pirates:

1. The person that wants the game but can't afford or/will not pay for it, so pirates it.
2. The person that wants the game and would buy it if they didn't have the option to pirate.
3. The person that is intending to buy the game if they enjoy it.

Person 1 is not a loss to the company. They would not have bought the game otherwise so it's no lost revenue, and in fact if the person ends up liking the game they may buy future products or spread through word of mouth that the musician or developer is skilled which is a net gain for them.

Person 2 is a net loss for the company, no doubt about that. These are the people that the companies want to reign in with their strict ways of keeping people from pirating; because if the option isn't there, they would gain more money from them.

Person 3 is a net gain for a good company that makes good music/games. If the person didn't have the option to try the game first, they may not shell out 40-60 bucks, only to get 20 when they trade it back in because it's a bad game.

What you have to do is separate out the 3 and see why the person pirates. Also another thing to consider is there's more price to a game than the physical tag: I once heard games described in terms of price, convenience, and morality. While each of them are calculated differently for each person depending on how strongly they care about each of the values, the point is still the same - the one that costs the lowest in these 3 values will be the route that the person takes. If the person is pirating a game from a publisher they like for example, the morality cost would be higher as they would want to support that publisher. If they pirate an online game, the convenience cost would be higher because they would be unable to connect to the official servers and play with their friends.

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