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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Why can't most bugs with wings/are of the flying type, fly?

Well, I'm pretty sure that it's because they're simply not strong enough to actually carry a human, which is pretty much the intention of Fly. While it would work in-battle, they just simply wouldn't be strong enough for a human to fly on them, but that theory may be contradicted by the fact that Pidgey is able to learn fly :( That was a first generation fail though, so I still stick by this.
I think this was going to be my answer too xD I don't think that a butterfly for example would have the force in its wings to be able to fly at that kind of speed/power. Even in battle I don't think it could fly fast enough for that since the way a butterfly flies isn't really flying, more floating. x] That didn't make sense but here's a video to show what I mean (this video was sped up):

So if something like a Butterfree or Mothim tried to use Fly, it'd probably always either get dodged or just end up breaking the poor thing's body/wings ;; Although I think they're still Flying type because, well, they do fly, just not at that kind of speed/power. xD