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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    The big problem about public engines isn't people making different engines, but the numbers of simultaneous attempts. I saw several people making their attempts instead of unite in one or two projects that have more progress and/or competent people.
    Another huge problem is burnout. When I started out looking for an open-source engine to tinker with, it was very hard for me to find a project far in enough that I couldn't code it myself in a few days. I found one project that seemed like it was pretty far in, but it was trying to emulate Gen.2 graphics and had a teeny-tiny screen and etc.

    I stuck with it anyway, hoping to get at least something done, but as soon as I joined, slowly everyone started dropping off the project since they were either too busy or had other things they were doing with their time.

    The project split off into new management, but then the new management also got tired of it, and they dumped it on me to re-engineer, which I did, starting a completely new project. The trouble wasn't over, though. I had to completely recycle the dev team, leaving me with only two people, and I got into a bit of hijinks with another project that also burned out eventually.

    Had the original team been more committed, I would not have started my own project afterwards, and most of the above wouldn't have happened.

    In summary, there are too many startup attempts, but the attempts that get far in enough to not be startups will often burn out after a while.

    I'm not making this same mistake with Four Star Mon. I might make a lot of different mistakes because of that, but definitely not the same one.

    (If this is getting off-topic again, I apologize.)