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Welcome All New Members! It's awesome to already have 3 by the first couple of hours! Yay, and welcome to all! Now to join in...

Favorite Bug Choice: Hmm that really varies by gen and which game I'm playing. At the moment I really like Parasect mainly because it surprised me of just how great it was on my team. I would definitely use it again! (and I like to use a team of all new pokes each time I play so...)

Why can't most bug types fly? @ AlexOzzyCake The thing is though, your reasoning as to why Butterfree and Mothim can't fly - why can Volcarona? It's wing to body ratio is smaller than butterfree's or mothim's or beautifly, and it's much heavier. Also, the position Volcarona is in, it kinda looks like it's sitting back (hard to explain) and wouldn't that make it harder to fly? It isn't even a flying type. And what about Scyther? Scyther clearly has wings, has been shown to fly in the anime and is definitely strong enough to support a person. And for that matter, what about Scizor?

This is what I mean, it doesn't really look like it could fly let alone float. It's wings don't look oriented to fly where as butterfree has been shown to fly and carry objects (pikachu I think, or bulbasaur) so why not people? (I'm no aerodynamics professor, this is just my opinion, so feel free to prove me wrong! )