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Danielle Accola - Suicune Dorms

“Lusca Alec Maloii”

As Lusca said his full name to the Dorm Manager, he skimmed through his clipboard, turning each page, and looking for the last names start with M. Until a minute later, he finally found his name. “Ah, there you are. Lusca Maloii it is.” The Dorm Manager had his thumb on his name, and eyed Lusca. “You are in here, alright. You are in room 31, which is downstairs in the back.”

Danielle inputed Mark's number in her PokeGear. She then realized one thing: She never called her uncle. She was so excited to begin exploring the Academy as well as around the island. She eyed the number, tempted to call...she decided to call him before going to bed tonight.

“Let me show you to your room then, Lusca.” The Dorm Manager grabbed his keys and jumped over the reception desk, impressing Danielle and creeping out Ozzy...who was returning from his interaction with a Rattata. He hids behind Danielle, shaking with fear. “Follow me then!”

“Lusca, do you need us to come with you? Or will you be alright?” Danielle asked.

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