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    Originally Posted by khkramer View Post
    Why re-invent the wheel?
    Anyways, nice looking game.
    I'm hoping it'll get finished, before nintendo makes one :p
    It's not reinventing the wheel if the last engine was laggy and not that great. I'm changing the whole framework.

    To let you guys know what we're doing - First of all, I'm rewriting the engine. This new engine is a lot faster and optimized than the old one. Second of all, we're changing the name as this game will now be an Emerald remake. Third of all, progress has been going slow since our spriter has been on vacation this past week and he won't come back for another few days. We're going to close this thread soon.

    You can always watch our progress on deviantArt.

    Thanks for all of your support guys! We won't let you down!