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Welcome new members! Now to the discussion!

@Olli97 Good point. I do know for a fact that both the anime and games aren't connected so what you said is true. And also, I guess it makes sense that since Volcarona is a lot bigger and stronger, it should be able to fly. However, it's only 4 inches taller than scyther and only 20 lbs heavier... And also: It tears and shreds prey with its wickedly sharp scythes. It very rarely spreads its wings to fly.(FireRed pokedex entry) Even though it's rare, it still shows it can fly, and should be able to learn the move since it seems about if not more capable than Volcarona.

@Starsprite I did mean to put Forretress there, but the first post was giving me lots of problems before when editing. I deleted it by accident and forgot to fix it, but thank you for pointing that out! And yes that counts as joining in! Huh. I guess the hot air could help, but as AlexOzzyCake said,
"I don't think that a butterfly for example would have the force in its wings to be able to fly at that kind of speed/power. Even in battle I don't think it could fly fast enough for that since the way a butterfly flies isn't really flying, more floating" and I think this would apply to Volcarona using hot air. It would lift it like a hot air balloon, which everyone knows can't really move in any direction with much speed or power.

@AlexOzzyCake Another thing I noticed, is that beautifly (for instance) doesn't move like a normal butterfly. Instead of flitting, it is able to stay aloft and easily move back and forth. While it may crush it's body/wings while performing fly, I do think it would be able to perform the act at least.
(the same kinda holds true for butterfree and mothim)