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    Rion Mazer

    Her firm look scared him instantly, almost like a challenge. He looked away quickly, not wanting that, not now, especially since... his own stare was pretty damn frightening. "Oh... hi..." The words came out slow, half-spoken. Rion hadn't wanted to say them, hadn't really wanted to say, well, anything really. He wasn't good at this at all. On his belt, Alan's Pokeball shook softly.

    Suddenly she was releasing her Pokemon, all of which were Electric-types. Rion almost backpedaled but Deena's quiet paw behind one foot made his move slow and freeze. Helpless, he moved his arms to dangle uselessly at his sides. So... this was Yuki... an Electric trainer... oh. Oh gosh. He was in a room... with a girl. He had sisters... so he knew how one-sided this would be. It was probably best if he just kept out of the way... like he always kept out of the way.

    She mispronounced his name. Well... it wasn't the first time. His parents were weird. "Ah... actually... it... it's Rion." His voice was almost inaudible, due to his avid fascination with his feet and the ground beneath them. Deena made a soft noise similar to a sigh from next to him. Small steps Deena. Small steps.

    The Absol had to give her little friend some credit though. She was surprised he had made it all the way here.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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