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    Update 1

    -Went to Elm's Lab and chose Cyndaquil. Named him POWELL.
    -Traveled through Route 29. Gained a few levels.
    -Went through Cherrygrove. Got the map card and running shoes. Healed at the Pokemon Center and then bought a few potions.
    -Traveled to Mr. Pokemon's house. Got the Apricorn Box and gained levels on the way.
    -Gave Mr. Pokemon the egg. Met Proffesor Oak, got the Pokedex.
    -Began to head back to New Bark Town, and ran into my rival (Silver). Beat his Totodile easily with POWELL at Lv.8.
    -Met with Proffesor Elm. Got Mom to save my money.
    -Headed back out on Route 29. Astonishingly, I found a Shiny Sentret.(I was spazzing out, no kidding!) Caught him with ease, and named him JOEY.
    -Went on Route 46 and caught a Geodude. Named her ROCKETTE. (Lol, cheesy name.)
    -Grinded a bit. Got POWELL to LV.9, JOEY to LV.8, and ROCKETTE to lv.6.
    -Entered Violet City and began to climb through Sprout Tower. ROCKETTE was taken out by a LV. 3 Bellsprout, which quickly met its doom. RIP ROCKETTE
    -Battled the Elder and Joey sweeped through him at just LV. 10. He gained 2 levels.
    -Went on Route 32 and found a Hoppip. Caught her and named her PIPPY.
    -Challenged the Gym Leader. PIPPY grew 4 levels by switching out, and POWELL got to LV.13. Defeated him without much difficulty, as POWELL burned his Pidgeotto.
    -Got the egg from Elm's Aide. Met the kimono girl.

    And that's where I'll leave off!


    Powell the Jolly Cyndaquil, LV 13
    Somewhat stubborn.

    Joey the Lonely Sentret, LV.12
    Likes to Fight.
    Defense Curl
    Quick Attack

    Pippy the Adamant Hoppip, LV.10
    Strong Willed.
    Tail Whip

    Body Count:1
    Geodude, Rockette
    I'M GONE