Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon: Hunters of the Ancient
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I think the IPS patch is glitchy, cuz the ROM works fine, I'll try to reupload it.

EDIT: I patched and worked fine. Try to patch FIREBPRE (FireRed US).
Yeh, the game has many small bugs, but this is a first BETA, I'll fix them.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
I would like to apply as a grammar corrector.

Also, I think the protagonist OW needs some work. Maybe you can remove his hat? That can easily distinguish the protagonist and the other grunts.

Besides, I really like the idea of working in an evil organization! Not a lot of hacks have this feature.
Yeh, main character OW is a bit weird, I accept. Also, I really need a Grammar corrector.