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Hey, I'd love to join the discussion. c:

Username: Curious. (curiousnathan, Nathan)
Partners: Scizor and Vespiquen!
Reason: Bug types are amongst my favourite type of Pokemon. I think I really grew onto bug types over the years, starting from my Gold version when Bugs smashed me continuously. I was no match for Bugsy's scyther and I think it really showed me thought, that while bugs are quite weak to many common types, they can still be quite powerful.

Now onto some topics. c:
  • Why do think bug types are the weakest?
I don't necessarily believe bug types are the weakest, but they do have a lot of common type disadvantages. Even then, like most pokemon, their threats can be easily countered by the right moves. Take Aaron for example in DPPt, his Drapion had several moves to counter it's weaknesses, and the weaknesses of its team members, with one being Ice Fang.

  • Why is Surskit the only Bug/Water type?
I'm not too sure really, that's like asking why is Volcarona the only Bug/Fire type. But I think it's typing is based off it's design and habitat like most pokemon; resembling a water strider -- which is an insect irl that can walk/skip across water, naturally it will have a water/bug type combination.

  • Why can't most bugs with wings/are of the flying type, fly?
Well, that is a good point, but I don't think bug types with wings can necessarily fly. Yes we've seen it in the anime, but I think bugs are just too frail to fly at such high speeds, with an excpetion of a few like Yanma and Yanmega. And, I hink most buig types are pictures as ones that hover around shrubbery and within forests, rather than flying at super speeds everywhere. But as we know the games are somewhat different to the anime, so it's still a tricky topic.

  • What's your favorite bug type, and why?
I've got several favourites, some include Vespiquen, Scizor, Accelgor and Forretress. First off, I don't know why Gamefreak didn't think of this concept sooner -- this being Vespiquen ("Queen Bee"). I love how this incorporates the heirarchy of how bees live irl, and I think the design and the moves it can learn (where is can direct it's underlings to attack, heal or defend itself -- Heal Order, Attack Order and Defend Order) is spot on as well.

Scizor is a simple one. It's design and speed are amazing, it way of transportation using it's super-speedy wings is extra cool and I love the variety of moves it can learn -- such as Bullet Punch, Night Slash and X-Scissor.

Accelgor, I mainly grew onto from the anime. Initially when I saw it in the game I hated it. It's design looks ugly and I didn't think it looked all that like a bug type. But after seeing its strength in the anime and the way it carried itself and a smooth style, I began to warm to it. It's counterpart however, not so much. :P
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