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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Sure, that would be all right. Maybe you could even help me with the balancing itself and tell me what trainers should be on what route with what Pokémon, and also help me even out the Gym Leaders.
    I'm sure I could do that! What I'll do is download the things, patch it (I have a patcher, just have to download this and the ROM), and hope it works on VBA on my first try (new computer to run VBA on); barring any issues (and while taking a break from training and breeding in Black, I tend to go maybe a half hour or hour at a time then plop it on the charger so I never run out of juice during a long session with unfinished business), I can make up maps and jot down notes of trainers in here. I'll refer to that media when offering my opinion.

    Oh, and I'll be abusing save states in this instance. Having played on the DS now, I have acquired the ability to play better without cheating like that, but while testing out battle sight lines and such I'll need them strategically.

    I'll be updating here.

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