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    Hey everybody, I'm just an average guy trying to create a fan game. This game is being revived, hopefully for the final time. Over the four years of on and off progress, many talented people have worked to put this concept together. It started as Pokémon Agate Version, and then it blended with Pokémon Tanzanite Version to create Pokémon RoyalJade Version. After that died off, Pokémon Agate Version was reborn. This game is being developed in RPG Maker XP, and it's my first time using this program. The majority of things are complete, but I am in need of an all new team to make this game happen. All I can say now is I hope you enjoy what you see below.


    *The story begins 5 years after the events of the region of Johto, with you having a dream.*

    In this dream you are in a fierce battle using a Hiranezu against a Togelis. Suddenly, you shift dreams and you see a weird dark and ominous area, in front of you a Pokémon shadow appears along with two human shadows. One of the human shadows steps closer, and then…you wake up.

    You are greeted by Yami, the lady who lives with you and their sister. Yami has been taking care of you since your parents had disappeared four years ago; she is a warm and kind hearted woman. After saying hello, Yami informs you of info on the Pokémon league and says you should finally go on their journey, since you were supposed to go on a journey six years ago. Yami tells you to go to the P.A.S University and gives you a card, that reads “Pokémon Ouritso League, fill in the information needed on the back and send to Professor Holly.” Yami says that all today and tomorrow Professor Holly will be giving out free Pokemon and a free Pokédex. She tells you it's time. Yami pulls out a pendant in the shape of a crown with Agate stones in it. Yami tells you that it had belonged to the hero’s mother and she think the hero should have it.

    Yami tells the hero to get going before they're out of starter Pokémon. The hero walks outside, and after taking two steps, bumps into a teenage girl. The girl quickly apologizes and goes into the apartment building. The hero walks towards the P.A.S. They walk inside to find the professor giving out Pokémon. She only had three left, and they were Leafryx, Flahare, and Grindygill. The hero picks one. Right after the hero picks, the girl who bumped into the hero takes the Pokémon with a type advantage over the hero's. After that another trainer comes in and takes the last one.

    The trainer who took the last starter left quickly. The other girl introduces herself. She says she's Yami's grandchild, and was visiting. They both walk back to the apartment and show Yami their Pokemon. Yami congratulates them, and tells them to follow her to the basement. They walked downstairs to find a field for battling. She tells them to have their first battle.

    After the battle, Yami gives each of the trainers 5 pokéballs. She tells them to go upstairs and rest up for tomorrow.

    In the morning Yami tells the rival and hero that they should visit Cue ledge after breakfast. The rival didn't say much on the walk there. When they got there, the rival says that she is going to challenge the league and see where it takes her, and walks off to the first route.

    Yami calls the hero over and tells him/her to touch the stone relic in front of her. The hero touches the stone relic, and many visions appear, the last one showed the Pokémon League building and the face of someone. Yami asks what the hero is going to do, and the hero explains what he/she saw. Yami says to the hero that he/she should go to the Pokémon League but the only way to get there is by challenging the league. Yami says her goodbyes, and the hero goes off on his/her journey full of adventure, mystery, and emotions.


    This is just a small sample of the 138 brand new Pokemon native to the Ouritso region.
    No. 1 Leafryx - Tree Bird Pokémon - - Designed by: A, NJ
    No. 2 Canopteryx - Tropical Pokémon - - Designed by: A
    No. 3 Flitrophyx - Tropical Pokémon -
    No. 4 Flahare - Rabbit Pokémon - - Designed by: S
    No. 5 Lepux - Flash Pokémon - - Designed by: S
    No. 6 Rablinite - Calidity Pokémon - - Designed by: S
    No. 7 Grindygill - Fish Child Pokémon - - Designer: JD
    No. 8 Koisashimi - Grindylow Pokémon - - Designer: JD
    No. 9 Sushimasu - Land Fish Pokémon - - Designer: JD
    No. 10 Chinchitt - Tree Mouse Pokémon - - Designer: A, DA
    No. 11 Chillzel - Rodent Ferret Pokémon - - Designer: A, DA
    No. 12 Canadee - Patriotic Pokémon - - Designer: M, DA
    No. 13 Carnida - Patriotic Pokémon - - Designer: M, DA
    No. 14 Lumavae - Glow Worm Pokémon - - Designer: S, DA
    No. 15 Lukryis - Cocoon Pokémon - - Designer: S, DA
    No. 16 Lumifly - Glowfly Pokémon - - Designer: S, DA
    No. 17 Toxicoon - Scavenger Pokémon - - Designer: M, DA
    No. 18 Toxiclaw - Poison Claw Pokémon - - Designer: M, DA
    No. 19 Gnuppy - Puppy Pokémon - - Designer: N, DA
    No. 20 Gnackal - Jackal Pokémon - - Designer: N, DA


    The starter Pokémon you may choose from are Leafryx the Grass type, Flahare the Fire type, and Grindygill the Water type.



    1. ROCIA is the holder of the Tile Badge. Rocia specializes in rock type Pokémon and has recently taken over the gym from her grandfather who taught her everything she knows.


    New TMs/HMs
    New items and berries
    8 new gyms
    138 brand new Pokémon
    New region
    New characters
    New types
    Choose between male or female



    Dewberry City


    All of the talented artists who made these Pokémon come alive.

    A= Aeromaxx
    D= Dice
    FPS= Fire Pokemon Supporter
    J= Jenicole
    K= Kakashi9
    LJ= Lt. Jessie
    NAR= Narodin
    NJ= Nintendo JR
    A= AeroMaxx
    C= Chizzu
    D= Dice442/pikachu500
    DA= Dark-Absol-King
    DU= DU7CH13
    EM= emblue50
    F= F-r-e-q-u-e
    GA= Gasoline
    GL= Gallon
    GM= GreatMik
    HD= hongadong
    L= Lilfurman
    M= Missingno
    N= Narsilion
    P= Pokeyking123
    RZ= RadioactiveZombeh
    S= sorakairi1014
    W= Weavile96
    JD= JoshD1000

    Further credit goes to the people who have helped create this project, and bring it to where it is today.

    Pikachu500 - Project Founder, Project Coordinator, Mapper, Story Developer, Overworld Spriter, Pokémon Spriter

    Lilfurman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter, Overworld Spriter

    Riceeman - Pokémon Spriter, Trainer Spriter

    Missingno7-4468 - Story Developer, Pokémon Spriter

    Credit also goes to Alucus, Kyle Dove, Dewitty and CNC for their amazing tiles in which I have tinkered with to create my maps. And Aocom for the sprite dex style and the type icons.

    More credit goes out to the following artists whose tiles I've been using

    A very large amount of credit has to go to Poccil for the start kit!

    However, as this project is being revived, this team is no longer together and I am in need of a brand new team.

    Let me know if I missed you in the credits!

    This is a fan game. I do not wish to make a profit off of it, it is purely for fun.
    Pokémon is a trademark of The Pokémon Company™. I am not affiliated with them, Nintendo nor Gamefreak.
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