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Reason: Bug types are a bit underrated and unpopular, but that doesn't make them one of the most interesting typing there is! Because they are!

  • Why do think bug types are the weakest?
In reality, bugs are poisonous and tend to be annoying. But that doesn't mean they are strong. That's mostly the same case in the Pokemon world. Some are powerful however, like Volcarona for example.

  • Why is Surskit the only Bug/Water type?
I only know of those Water Strider bugs that move like crazy on swamp or something like that. If there are others, please tell me what I'm missing in life :O
  • Why can't most bugs with wings/are of the flying type, fly?
Are we talking the HM move, Fly? Or fly in general? Well the HM move actually needs a human to fly to aspect of the world & it would be really strange to have a human fly on Butterfree's back to here and there. But those who have wings, do fly, just possibly not as a good pace as the birds like the Pidgey or Starly family.

  • What's your favorite bug type, and why?
This is a toughie. Butterfree was by far back in the Generation days. Just because it looked so cool as a butterfly! Then there's Scyther, who just looks amazingly bad@$$ and Scizor made it even more cooler in that aspect. But Volcarona however, would probably be my all time favorite. Basically because of its typing & looks. Moth are sort of gross real life, but Volcarona is nowhere near that in my eyes. :D