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Welcome Curious. and Sector Revenge! Yay! More members! :D

Originally Posted by Starsprite View Post

Okay. I'm sold. :D
I'm actually kind of in love with this picture.

Oh yes, something I wanted to clear up...
As for the Surskit Topic, I think I worded it incredibly badly, without it really getting my point/real question across. What I meant was: Why do you think Surskit is the only bug/water type. Why haven't there been others over the next two generations when it's such a great typing? And why isn't Masquerain bug/water?

Why are bug types weakest? I really never got this. Even though irl bugs are small, some are incredbily powerful (like with enough poison to take down an elephant) being able to lift twice their weight. So why are they weakest statistically? @Curious. While bug types have some common weaknesses, they're actually pretty resistant if they're pure bug, only weak to flying, rock and fire while offensively strong against psychic, dark, grass (also somewhat common types) and that's just pure bug, while many are paired up with types that help them rather than hindering them. (although there are a ridiculous amount of bug/poison and bug/flying which aren't very helpful)