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    Originally Posted by Helios1995 View Post
    as far as i can tell, it looks fantastic (though i'm still new to playing pokemon hacks. :3)
    can't wait to try it. though i can't find the beta 1 download anywhere...
    Beta 1 hasn't been realeased yet....

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    since bagon, dratini and gible are the starters will they have different levels to evolve or will it be the same? because i dont think its fair that gible evolves at an earlier level and its final evolution at 48 because dratinis final evolution is at level 55 and bagon's at 50.
    Yes, the evolutions will remain the same but it will be fair because the other two dragons learns more greater moves than gible like, Heat Wave, Icy Wind, Hydro Pump, etc...