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My fave characters:

Dawn - I loved her development and the cute outfits she wears in contests. I loved her so much she inspired my username.

Cilan - He makes me laugh at lot in the Unova saga and he has an iconic Japanese voice (Mamoru Miyano, who also voices one of my fave non-Pokemon anime characters).

May - She uses some pretty cool Pokemon, I love her Glaceon especially. Not to mention my hair is the same color as hers.

Iris - I guess I'm one of the few who doesn't find her annoying. She's pretty tough and I love her Emolga and Excadrill.

Jessie, James & Meowth - I love how funny they are, even though the Unova saga toned down their comedic personality. Meowth's voice is so funny.

Bianca - She's really cute and hilarious, but she's also very tough.

Paul - My fave of the Sinnoh rivals, he uses strong Pokemon and I love his voice, it's very enthusiastic.

Zoey - My fave of Dawn's rivals, and I like how she's a tomboy compared to most of the main girls.

Barry - Again, love him cos he's funny. I also love how most of his Pokemon are based on his in-game team.
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