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    Don't forget, the other dragons learn a recovery move in Roost. I believe Gible is the most powerful to start off with, but as you progress in the hack, the other dragons may be a little better in terms of the moves. For example, most of Gible/Gabite's moves are attacks like Slash, Bite, Take Down, Metal Claw, Dig, etc. Dratini/Dragonair on the other hand has access to a variety of special attacks like getting Dragon Pulse the earliest out of the three, Heat Wave, and Icy Wind(Although, Dratini is the hardest to start off with as it only knows wrap & leer at the beginning, Followed by T-wave. So you're pretty much screwed until you get Dragonbreath at lv14). Salamence also learns Hydro Pump at lv58 in this hack followed by Roost in the mid-low 60s. I'd say Bagon is the most balance at the start. So they all have their advantages...

    I've finalized the beta up to the 1st major city so far. 25% done, 75% more left to go. I'd say it'll be ready for the 30th. (Don't want to Jynx myself though.)