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    Originally Posted by Freako View Post
    I think the rival disappearing before going off screen is I ran out of space to add one more step_right to the code, it's only a one time thing so I don't think I need to change it.
    It's easy so let's just fix it shall we ?

    You can easily repoint the move data in blank space at the end of that bank. For example in the demo, there is free space for it in 0x1225AA. The pointer to it is AA 65 and you'd have to put it in 0x120503.

    I calculated the pointer this way:
    0x1225AA - 0x120000 (start of the rom bank) + 0x4000 = 0x65AA
    Then you just rotate that address around because most GB/C pointers are little-endian: AA 65

    Start of the rom bank is always a multiple of 0x4000.

    In 0x120501 is the command for moving the sprite of rival:
    68 (Applymovement, script command)
    03 (Person no. to move, in Johtomap No. 1)
    A5 45 (Current pointer to move data).

    Originally Posted by Freako View Post
    Pikachu without a cry, I would have put it in but I could not find anywhere at all a list of Pokemon crys and their hex value so I had to leave it blank.
    Do you know where one is, miksy
    Pikachu's cry value is the same 0x19 just like it's pokedex number is (25 in decimal). What I wrote above (4C xx yy 83 19 00 53 49 90) is a code you can use to make the game display text and keep text box open until Pikachu's cry is played and let the player close the text box by pressing A button and end the script.

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