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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Name: Rin Shavi
Okay, the reason I gave everyone freedom for the RP sample was to use your imagination. Now, think. Laughner is not just some guy who takes walks that is prone to being robbed. He is a wealthy man. So, where do wealthy men live? How would anyone have a contact with him? And even if you did manage to track him down and rob him, he's not paying for an expensive Ferry ticket for a stranger who threatened to cut him.

If you want to go on this journey, you have to impress him. I don't mean backflips, I mean something that an adventurer has. If you think that robbing him is not the approach you wanted, think of ways you could get in contact with this guy. Be creative, alright?

EDIT: By the way, your writing style is fine. <:

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
October Felicia Carter
Aah! I love this! An ex-partner in crime! I was smiling the entire time, I could envision everything. Excellent, accepted!

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