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    Hi everyone!

    I would like to show you a game which I have created for educational needs. This is a mini Pokemon game. The plot, characters and dialogues are invented by me. It's a short story that will deliver you several minutes of fun.

    I would like to emphasize again that this is a mini-educational project (not commercial), so for example, the combat system doesn't contain many dependence. This game doesn't equal to the original Pokemon Game, that is only created by my imagination.

    I realize that texts in my game might be not quite correctly, so sorry for my translationn.

    The plot

    At the beginning you are in the Virdinian Forest. Your main goal is go through the Golden Gateway on the east. To do this you must find 3 stones which open the gate. On your road you find many persons which help you reach your goal. In the high grasses live a lot of wild Pokemons. You have to fight them or catch them. Search information about stones and buy improvements to be stronger during the fight.


    (in attachment)


    My game was played by over 250 people. Feel free to check my short game, and if you like it, share link.


    All the best
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