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Played and wandered around Lake Zigger. I see lots of Water, and the cavern will clearly be returned to to Surf in. Making my first game map (this is where you see a general game love of mine, in top-down games I tend to make up the maps, something I can't do in, say, Black and White!). That map is forthcoming right here.

However, I found a couple of buggy speeches. Keep in mind I don't know if these are corrected in the 2.50 APS, but I noticed and am reporting them. If they're already fixed, don't mind my finding them.

I am looking f this to get fixed.

Indeed, the Pokémon rof. is a wonderful guy.

Also, I found a tile bug.

Look, Ma! I'm a Ranger!

That's just in the opening town. I'm a little worried where I'll end up walking in the first actual Route!

Oh, and no Trainers yet. So no discussion on that yet. Translation: the difficulty so far is PERFECT. You got the initial battle in there, that's standard (though I didn't expect only two turns for a KO). However, after choosing names, the Professor brought up in a speech "Diego and Diego"; if there is a Diego in the storyline, don't suggest Diego as a possible rival name at the start. In order not to be in the fifth element of confusion myself, I have to restart, and I'm only on the first town. I better pick a name like Tornado.

Also, I thought that was just Mew on the title screen, not a special type. Interesting.

"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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