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Originally Posted by sako View Post
well i think in my opinion you should reduce the number of trainers before the fourth gym........ i mean 61 trainers are a little too much maybe 30-35 will do
Thanks for your opinion!
Originally Posted by gam3r! View Post
It's back again !!!!! Great ! I had played beta 1 sometime and i was dissapointed about it's length but it had some great things like the bus system and mikachu . keep at it
Thanks for the comment!
Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
I'm sure I could do that! What I'll do is download the things, patch it (I have a patcher, just have to download this and the ROM), and hope it works on VBA on my first try (new computer to run VBA on); barring any issues (and while taking a break from training and breeding in Black, I tend to go maybe a half hour or hour at a time then plop it on the charger so I never run out of juice during a long session with unfinished business), I can make up maps and jot down notes of trainers in here. I'll refer to that media when offering my opinion.

Oh, and I'll be abusing save states in this instance. Having played on the DS now, I have acquired the ability to play better without cheating like that, but while testing out battle sight lines and such I'll need them strategically.

I'll be updating here.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
All right. First remark: don't use the format for A-Ptch. My system called it a Trojan and I will not argue it, having been victim to "Best Offers" spyware in the past and remembering what a pain in the derriere that was to remove. Get rid of that immediately as people will not play your game if they try to use that and get the same warning. (Some may even get turned off on hacks completely. It's an appearance thing. It's also the only APS file I've seen; don't change what works and isn't treated as a virus by scanning software.) With that said, if there is a new version that isn't picked up as a Trojan, I will try it again. (Or an old version...)

However, I found the IPS patch for 2.16. I hope that is see that it is not the current version. I have DeSMuNe, which I have not used for a while (should I note that screenshots take random numbers and there is no way to sequence them by filename? Pain in the butt I tell you), and I just put in Visualboy Advance, which seems to work. I presume it will work on the standard edition of the emulator. (I did download one designed apparently for Liquid Crystal specifically, but haven't yet looked at it.)

I'll play with it in the morning, but for now I can report that the patch was a success. I'll start poking around 2morrow. Got my Tirtouga evolved, so other than breeding and training Zoroark and Vullaby (the latter to evolve), my Black activity will be limited for now and I'll analyze this. Even if it's not the most current, it will give me some idea of the opening of the game, which is what I am testing, and I hope you can provide a new IPS file in place of in addition to the APS. They say it's a false positive, but having never used it I can't say I trust it.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Played and wandered around Lake Zigger. I see lots of Water, and the cavern will clearly be returned to to Surf in. Making my first game map (this is where you see a general game love of mine, in top-down games I tend to make up the maps, something I can't do in, say, Black and White!). That map is forthcoming right here.

However, I found a couple of buggy speeches. Keep in mind I don't know if these are corrected in the 2.50 APS, but I noticed and am reporting them. If they're already fixed, don't mind my finding them.

I am looking f this to get fixed.

Indeed, the Pokémon rof. is a wonderful guy.

Also, I found a tile bug.

Look, Ma! I'm a Ranger!

That's just in the opening town. I'm a little worried where I'll end up walking in the first actual Route!

Oh, and no Trainers yet. So no discussion on that yet. Translation: the difficulty so far is PERFECT. You got the initial battle in there, that's standard (though I didn't expect only two turns for a KO). However, after choosing names, the Professor brought up in a speech "Diego and Diego"; if there is a Diego in the storyline, don't suggest Diego as a possible rival name at the start. In order not to be in the fifth element of confusion myself, I have to restart, and I'm only on the first town. I better pick a name like Tornado.

Also, I thought that was just Mew on the title screen, not a special type. Interesting.

Everything you've talked about has been changed. You're not going to get anywhere good by using a patch from... I think four years ago? The entire game has since then been remade from scratch. Also, there's a reason I can't use IPS files: my changes go over the 16 MB limit that IPS files have. A-Ptch is definitely a false positive unless you got it from some shady website. Do you have McAfee? It comes up as a false positive on there.

EDIT: I have fixed the problem that forced me over the 16 MB limit and have uploaded the file as an IPS patch! Download it from the same place you downloaded the APS patch from.

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