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    The big problem about public engines isn't people making different engines, but the numbers of simultaneous attempts. I saw several people making their attempts instead of unite in one or two projects that have more progress and/or competent people.
    This is also the reason behind the many "Failed" games on this site.. You have many talented artists working with some talented programmers/designers but their game is never quite good enough or finished.. Blue Chrome(Dont know if the name changed) for example... That game is fantastic.. but it will probably never be completed or released(Correct me if I'm wrong). But all the hard work put into that project by the artists among the many others who worked on the game just is being wasted.. When I tried to start a few projects I would have completed if not for lack of resources but it was hard to find artist who wanted to work with me because I had no reputation and I was mixing graphics and using what i had. I had no talented writer, I came up with a concept but it needed to be expanded. I was a decent mapper but I am an olde style mapper from gen 1 and 2 days these new maps are more creative I dont know if I could adapt and be really good.. i could have been okay.. just my point is I see at least 2 different game engine projects a week being started and stopped but as .FL said if people would pool their resources on one project it would be awesome.. for instance PE needs a lot of improvement.. why don't some of these java and python programmers help with that? You will continue to have games/game engines sprout up and die.... its just that simple but it would be a Great Idea as the OP asked if you could put together a dedicated team...