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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    No, your save file from the old beta won't work in the Redux. This is because the Redux is a complete reimagining from a fresh ROM.
    I discovered that! I went to the existing save in the western region of Gate 1 and saw that my Mikachu had evolved:

    After that, I exited out and the game hung without going back to the prior window. I was still on the map when I loaded the save, I could wander around, and even look at the Town Map in my bag, but the new version obviously needs a new save. Darnit, I had a picture of all the Pokémon I caught and I overwrote it with another screenshot. I'll have to retitle the save and review that, though I don't know if they all exist now in Route 1.

    Time to map the new Lake Zigger! I see a resemblence already in the town design, and am actually intrigued by the port entry; putting the boat area there is a VERY interesting idea, forcing a quick quest at the start and eventual town entry through the gatehouse, locking you into the start of the game. Shipment from Mom (yeah, mine wouldn't do that LMAO) was a nice touch. Liking the new version. Haven't visited Oak yet because I like mapping the areas first (also, my time taking screenshots won't count in the playing time since I'm not really "playing", hence save state abuse LMAO). Someday they'll formulate a playthrough or Youtube video guide. I promised one for Liquid Crystal too someday.

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