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    As a shiny hunter, I feel obligated to say that I've found loads of shinies. Not true. I've found 2 Cyndaquil (one in Soul Silver, now a Typhlosion), one in Heart Gold (now a Quilava). In Silver, I found a shiny Totodile without even hunting it. I was just 5 and thought something was wrong with the game. I have the red Gyarados. Then on Emerald, I found a shiny Lotad while looking for a Ralts. In Ruby I found a shiny Zigzagoon, but I was on my way to beat May the first time, so I couldn't catch it. I have a shiny Charmander that took 6-7 hours of soft resetting on my Fire Red. I'm currently hunting Lugia on SS right now. Day 6 of that hunt.
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