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Bug: Armaldo, mainly because it is it also my favourite fossil pokemon as well.
Dark: Umbreon, which is my favourite eeveelution.
Dragon: Hydreigon, one of my favourite pokemon altogether.
Electric: Pikachu, I have always liked Pikachu ever since Pokemon Yellow
Fighting: Heracross, I have always liked Heracross because of its unusual type mixture (Bug/Fighting).
Fire: Charizard, another of my all time favourites.
Flying: Pigeot, i've always had a soft spot for Pigeot.
Ghost: Duscolps, has always been my favourite ghost type although i never usually use ghost types...
Grass: Parasect, ever since i lay my eyes on this guy, i've always liked them!
Ground: Flygon, it just is ok?
Ice: Glaile, I love them.
Normal: Tauros, Tauros is a tank, and he is just amazing!
Poison: Crobat, i've always used Crobat as it was my first level 100!
Psychic: Alakazam, no questions asked.
Rock: Onix, always has been always will be.
Steel: Skarmory, always been one of my favourites.
Water: Swampert, TANK.