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@Red: Posted, so I guess it's your turn now…

Sorry if I took a while, I've been busy helping my mom with the garden, and I had to go get a tooth fixed yesterday, and, you may agree, RPing with half a lip swollen and asleep isn't necessarily… enjoyable(?)

Anyways, I have a question about our Aspects…
Are you going with the notion that there has to be a hero of Time and one of Space at minimum in every session, or are you throwing that out the window?
(Since apparently *spoilers* Hussie did so too in this last session *spoilers*)

Also, if you wouldn't mind giving us our titles already, I'd like to know since it's basically been killing me to know!!! :3

EDIT: In hindsight, I feel SO bad for Vieve … I would NOT want to be stuck in SBURB with Ricardo as my Server… then again, I'm pretty sure he's going to get what to do with this pretty fast… it's just the beginning stages of… experimentation that would scare me. x(
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