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    Back with another question!

    So in my Pokemon adventure, the player starts with an Eevee. Thing is, I don't want the player to be able to evolve said Eevee into an Umbreon or Espeon before the first gym. The point of the game is once you beat the first gym, you're given a choice of one of either water stone, fire stone or thunder stone as a prize instead of a TM as it usually is, and then two areas open up to allow you to evolve your Eevee into either a Leafeon or Glaceon.

    Preventing those five evolutions is fine but how would I prevent the player from evolving the Eevee into an Umbreon/Espeon before the first gym?

    Also how would I go about setting up an NPC that says one thing while having a certain pkmn in your party and another thing if you don't have it in your party? Like if I had an Eevee in my party, the NPC would say 'that's a cute Eevee!' and if I didn't have an Eevee, it'd say "Cute pokemon!" or something.


    (please no criticism on me choosing Eevee as the starter for this game @[email protected] )
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