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Arrival~ (Part 3)
Her firm look faded into a kind smile as she looked up to Rion's face as he looked away. Tilting her head confusedly at his nervous disposition, worried she had said something wrong to him and upset him.

"I...I..", she said slowly, picking her words carefully. "I guess we are partners and...", she stopped with a jolt catching a full look at his face and now it was her turn to turn away embarrased hiding her slight blush.

Emolga flew up to her shoulder, she held on to her and looked at her confused with Yuki's unusual behavior. The Rotom at her feet, smiled and laughed, as its plasma body faded in and out of existance. Her 3rd Pokemon, Electivire was standing at the tree with its eyes closed concentrating hard, ignoring everyone around it.

Without warning the Rotom popped with a fizz of electricity and then reappeared shortly after right in front of the Rion's Absol. It's sharply chose this time, pop out of existence again and then reappear in right in Rion's face with a giggle in an attempt to startle both Trainer and Pokemon .
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