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Okay, I'm on my phone at the moment so please bear with me.

@machomuu - Are you done? Is that the finish? Or are you going to be writing about actually meeting with Laughner in person as well? Please let me know! :D

@pokemonmaster_draco - Okay, first off, the Appearance should be written and pictures optional. Not the other way around.

Next, your RP Sample shows quite a few grammatical errors are not all that pleasant to read. First; new speaker, new line. Second, please invest in the use of commas. "Quotations end like this," and "not like this" okay? The word "I" should always be capitalised and words, unless names or places or proper nouns, should not be capitalised in the middle of sentences.

If you have finished, which I presume you did, I'm sorry to say I will have to decline you. :(

@Izuya_Namikaze - Your writing style is fine! I'd just like to ask you go further back with your RP Sample. I'm confused on how and why they met. :)

@Kiyoshi the Polar Bear - What a perfect ass-hat! Oh, he's so adorably rude, I just want to hug and punch him in the face at the same time. And his accent is really the cherry on the cake. Awesome! Kiyoshi, you're accepted!

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@Arctos - Ah! Competitive treasure hunters, I like it! My only issue is really your spacing, but it's still readable, and "ending quotations like this." when it says "he said" afterwards. Grammatically, it should "end like this," he said. As long as you fix that up as you go, I am all cool for you. Accepted!

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If you've finished your SU, anybody, please just post and tell me.
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