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Hack Information...
Hack Name: POKéMON SkyLine
Hack Base: POKéMON Ruby (U)
Hack Author: destinedjagold

Author's Introduction...
Hello everyone. I am destinedjagold, the creator of the three Ruby Destiny games. Anyway, here I am, again, presenting a brand new hack that I named POKéMON SkyLine. Please bear in mind that this new hack of mine is NOT connected to the Ruby Destiny series.
Anyway, this is a solo hack, meaning, I am doing EVERYTHING by myself. So don't rush me!
Now, off you go~

The Story's Prologue...
You are the son/daughter of Prof. Birch in the Hoenn Region, and you decided to travel the region of Kanto via riding a boat, but when evening came, a weird and violent storm appeared, and the ship you were on board was attacked by very large groups of water-type POKéMON, sinking the boat to the bottom of the ocean.

The Story...
You woke up on a shore, and found an Eevee who seemed to be washed ashore as well. The Eevee decided to come with you as you try to continue your trip to Kanto, but after travelling to a town where the port was located, you decided to travel this brand new region instead; the Crest region.
Along the way, you'll meet up with a number of trainers who are also on the move of achieving their own dreams. Friends or foes, you'll be a part of their lives, and they will to you.
Later on, you'll be meeting Team Aqua once again, and you will do your best to try and foil their evil plans as you travel around the region, but are they here to cause chaos, or something else?

Region: Crest...
The tropical region of Crest is located far east from the Kanto region. The region is occassionally being visited by countless thunder storms due to the mass ocean surrounding it.

- A brand new region: Crest.
- Play as the hero/heroine of the Hoenn Region.
- You will start your journey with an Eevee.
- Available POKéMON are the original 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation POKéMON.
- Available POKéMON has their animations.
- The return of Team Aqua, and another set of evil organization.
- You can get the National Dex instead of a normal POKéDEX.
- You HAVE to talk to trainers if you want to battle them.
- You can battle every trainer again after you receive a brand new badge.
- The gym guide will give you a Fresh Water, so be sure to talk to them.
- Each town has an NPC that will reward you if you beat their gym leader.
- A weather system, an original script by me.
- Some rivals.
- The return of the Chip Battle mini-game.
- ...and some other things...

- Trainers will reward you will less money.
- Palletes will not change if it's night time.
- The game has no physical/special split.
- The clock is not based on your computer.
- Some POKéMON's backsprites has no animation.
- Some POKéMON's backsprites are still the same old one in Ruby/Sapphire.


Bugs / Oddities...
- Tile errors and movement permission errors here and there...
- Grammar and spelling errors, as well as text going over the textbox...
- The title screen is NOT yet final... I am having problems editing/fixing the palletes...
- In trainer battles, if you knock your opponent's first POKéMON, or if they switch their POKéMON, you need to wait for the new sent out POKéMON's animation before the battle resumes...
- The door animations of the PokéCenter and the Gym are bugged.
- Some trainers' PKMN are level 10. I don't know what causes this bug.
- The '?' in the PokéDex has error animations.
- Some level 10 PKMN in the wild needed a huge amount of experience to level up.
--- The level 10 PKMN will level up to 100 when given a Rare Candy.
- Team Aqua members and Suicune appears in Route 3-B if you haven't received the PokéDex yet.

PKMN Changes...
- Poison-type moves are now strong against Water-type POKéMON.
- Zangoose can now learn HM Cut (if a clawless(?) Diglett can Cut, why can't a Zangoose?).
- The move Cut is now a Grass-type move.
- The move Strength is now a Rock-type move.
- All trade-based evolutions will now evolve through stones, levels, happiness, etc.
- All fire types can learn HM Flash (they have fire, for crying out loud).
- Mr. Mime can now learn HMs Rock Smash and Strength.
- Ralts can now learn Confusion at level 2.
- Pikachu can now learn Volt Tackle at level 30.

New Q: Are you still working on the game? It feels like you've abandoned it.
A: Sorry 'bout that, but yeah, I'm still working on this. Life is making me busy at the moment...

New Q: Are you going to add 4th/5th gen. PKMN / items / abilities / moves?
A: No, unfortunately. That is beyond my capabilities.

Q: Is this the fourth game of the Ruby Destiny games?
A: Nope. It's a completely new hack, and unrelated to the Ruby Destiny series.

Q: Are you planning on changing the tiles/sprites/OW into something else?
A: I've worked so hard for these tiles, so I see no reason of changing them. No to the OWs. The trainer sprites are being worked on by Crosell.

Q: The game has no more mugshots of gym leaders?
A: Yep, sadly.

Q: Why Eevee?
A: I suddenly started loving the little cutie... o.o

Q: But I don't like Eevee.
A: Then, after you defeated Rivals Kevin and Jorex in Route 1 and before obtaining the PokéDex, go back to Starlight Beach.

Q: Can we obtain POKéBALLs early in this game?
A: Yep, but not too early.

Q: How can I activate the National Dex?
A: Go and talk to Prof. Birch inside the tallest building in Twinkle Town. He'll explain how.

Q: Which of the first three gym leaders should I battle first?
A: It's up to you to choose.

Q: Where's Cut?
A: In Twinkle Town.

Q: Where's Rock Smash?
A: In Moonlight Town.

Q: I got three badges now, but I don't know where to go next.
A: Head inside Mount Starlight after you got HM RockSmash.

Q: The guy won't give me the Rock Smash!
A: Go to Route 3-B, north from Moonlight Town. Trigger the event there.

Q: Can I also choose which gym leader I'm going to face first after the first three?
A: Yep, but you can only choose between the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th.

Q: Where's Surf?
A: In WindString Town. Obtain 5 badges first, by the way.

Q: How can I get that blocking tree out of the way?
A: Get the Wailmer Pale inside the house in Route 8.

Q: Can you change some of the POKéMON's backsprites to (a/an) (whatever) one?
A: It's frustrating to add their second frames just for the sake of their animations. If you want me to change them, index them yourself and send it to me.

- the tool makers - for the tools, of course.
XSE, A-Map, YAPE, OW Editor, Unlz-GBA, A-Trainer, NTME, Advance Intro Ed., A-Text, Sappy, Mid2GBA, Advance Pallete Editor, Tile Molester Alternate

- POKéMON Hackers Online - for the FireRed font patch.
- Gamer2020 - B/W midis.
- Erma96 - pink tree tiles.
- Lan / CHAOS / IcyKerpymon - Some trainer sprites.
- HackMew - POKéMON backsprite sheet.
- Dragoon - POKéMON OverWorld Sprite sheet.
- Barubary - Some trainer sprites.

- The original plan was to use the gym leaders' used types in Johto, hence why the first three uses Flying, Bug and Normal, but later, I find it difficult to implement.
- I planned to recycle all the soundtracks from LoG to SkyLine, but meh...
- The original plan was to, once again, include some 4th and 5th gen PKMN, but I settled on doing something different for a change.
- The reason why you're playing as Landon/May is because I am too damn lazy to edit the OWs of everything: walking, running, on bike, fishing (hence why there's no bike on LoG).
- 'SkyLine' was suppose to be a temporary name while I haven't found a good name for the hack. But after a few weeks, I finally thought that I should name this as 'POKéMON Crest', but I got used to call this as 'SkyLine', so, there you go.
- The tiles were supposed to be the same as LoG, but I felt bad about the tiles I made for the suppose-to-be-remake of RR, so, yeah...
- After the new tiles were inserted, every map has to be remapped. The only map that still has it's same layout as before is Route 3-B.
- The grass on sand were removed.


Beta 1.3 (Fixed)...
- Download Links...
SendSpace | MediaFire

- Beta Information...
POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.3 (Fixed) Information
General Changes...
- Fixed the houses' interior warps bot in Comet Town and in Twinkle Town.
- Fixed Cal's battle event script in Moonlight Town.
- Fixed the glitched trainers.

POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.2 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Fire-type PKMN (legendaries excluded) can now learn Flamethrower at a higher level.

POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.1 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Flamethrower's base power has been changed back to 95 from 55.
- The Pokémon Center's warp in Twinkle Town has been fixed.

POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Doduo's name has been fixed.
- RockSmash's base power has been changed from 20 to 40.
- Flamethrower's base power has been changed from 95 to 55.
- Fire-type PKMN (legendaries excluded) can now learn Flamethrower at a lower level.
- Ponyta and Rapidash can now learn Flamethrower.
- Poison-type moves' base attack has been slightly increased.

NPC Changes...
- Joseph will no longer be available in the beach after you reach Comet Town. This is to avoid the glitch of not being able to remove Eevee from your team.
- Angienette, Comet Town's Gym Leader, now has Kangaskhan instead of Girafarig.
- Michelle, Moonlight Town's Gym Leader, now has Noctowl instead of Skarmory.
- Gym Leaders Angienette, Michelle and Victor will now have a third PKMN in their team if you have two badges.
- The old man in Route 2-B will now also give you the 2nd and 3rd generation starter PKMN in random, depending on the element type of your choice.
- The old man in Route 2-B that gives you a starter PKMN will no longer be there if you talked to Joseph in Starlight Beach.
- N will give you an evolution stone after you defeated Rival Cal in Moonlight Town.

General Changes...
- Game's font has been changed.
- The physical / special split has been inserted.
- The PKMN sprites' animations are yet to be inserted.

Features Not Yet Inserted...
- PKMN Animations.
- The titlescreen.
- And some other things...


Beta 1...
- Download Links...
SendSpace | MediaFire

- Beta 1 Information...
- Up to the 6th gym.
- Up to 7 towns.
- Beta ends in AceWood Town.

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Ending Message...
Again, this is NOT part of the Ruby Destiny series, so don't start posting something related to the Ruby Destiny games, nor consider this hack the fourth Ruby Destiny game, 'cause it's not!
Also, remember that this is a solo hack, so please don't rush me.
If you find any bugs that you wish to report, please include a screenshot. No screenshot = bug didn't happen (although this doesn't apply to all cases).
And also, if you're wondering why I made a new hack, despite what I told you that I am no longer planning on making another hack, well, let's just say that if I'm dead bored, instead of doing nothing, I hack. I started this hack on mid-January, 2012, by the way...

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